Dr. Larry Mullins Named LBCC Distinguished Citizen

Dr. Larry Mullins
Dr. Larry Mullins of Samaritan Health Services has been named as Distinguished Citizen by Linn-Benton Community College.

As CEO of Samaritan from 1992 until 2017, Dr. Mullins was a major contributor to shaping the outstanding healthcare programs at LBCC, and helping to build the health care system in our area that employs many LBCC graduates.

Dr. Mullins has been instrumental in providing financial resources and expertise to help develop LBCC health care programs. His vision to create a comprehensive healthcare campus in Lebanon included helping to arrange the purchase of land so the LBCC could design and build its new Healthcare Occupations Center.

Dr. Mullins also contributed to the success of LBCC students by providing clinical sites in the Samaritan Health System for health care students to learn.

At his encouragement, Samaritan personnel are involved in LBCC events such as the CTE signing day, and provide stethoscopes to students who sign up for one of LBCC’s health care programs.

LBCC’s Distinguished Citizen Award was established in 1979 and is presented to individuals who have provided years of service to the college and have had a significant impact on its direction and/or purpose.

To date, 20 people have been recognized. Their pictures and a description of their contributions to the college hang in the college’s Distinguished Citizen Gallery in the Calapooia Center building.


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