Tuesday, January 16, 2018

College Night Open House Monday, Feb. 5

College Night open house will be held at Linn-Benton Community College from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday, February 5 in Takena Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany.

Information will be available on college admissions processes, financial aid, scholarships and how to earn college credits while still in high school.

Advisors will be on hand to help you explore degree options and learn about college partnership programs with Oregon State University and Oregon Institute of Technology.

Information tables include program majors, college clubs, co-curricular programs, short-term training programs and more.

Register online at www.linnbenton.edu/college-night. InformaciĆ³n de LBCC en EspaƱol. For special needs and accommodations, call 541‑917‑4789 or Oregon Relay TDD at 1‑800‑735‑2900.

Friday, January 12, 2018

College Budget topic of Board of Education meeting Jan. 17

The Linn-Benton Community College Board of Education will discuss the college budget at its next regularly-scheduled board meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 17 in the LBCC Calapooia Center, room CC-103, Albany.

Discussion will include budget projections for the upcoming years, the general direction of college spending, revenue assumptions, and major expenses.

Tuition and fees will be covered at the February 21 board meeting, which will be voted on by the board at its March meeting.

LBCC Board of Education meetings are open to the public, with time allotted for public comment.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nominations Open for LBCC Distinguished Alumni Award

Nominations are now open for Linn-Benton Community College’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

The award was established to recognize former LBCC students who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in their profession and through service to their community.

Nomination deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 6. Nomination forms and criteria are available online at www.linnbenton.edu/distinguished-alumni.

Nominees are honored at a reception held in April at the college.

Thirty-five LBCC alumni have received the award since it was established in 2005.

For more information, contact the LBCC Advancement Foundation office at 541-917-4209. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

College Closed Monday, Jan. 15 for MLK Day

Linn-Benton Community College and all centers will be closed Monday, Jan. 15 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Normal operations will resume Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Career Tech Programs to hold Signing Day Feb. 15

Students interested in enrolling in one of Linn-Benton Community College’s career technical programs are invited to attend a Career and Technical Education Signing Day event to guarantee their spot for fall term.

CTE signing day will be held Thursday, February 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the LBCC Forum building, F-104, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany.  Lunch provided.

The event is open to anyone interested in enrolling in one of these two-year or less programs, which often fill up quickly.

Career technical programs at LBCC include: Accounting Technology, Automotive Technology, Coding Reimbursement Specialist, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Crop Production, Heavy Equipment Diesel Technology, Horticulture, Machine Tool Technology, Mechatronics Industrial Automation Technology, Medical Assistant, Networking and Systems Administration, Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation, Practical Business Management, Profitable Small Farms, Welding and Fabrication Technology, and Water Environment and Technology.

To attend, sign-up online at https://www.linnbenton.edu/cte-signing-day or contact Lena Carr at 541-917-4787.

Oregon Transfer Day Fair Coming Jan. 18

Oregon Transfer Day information fair will be held Thursday, January 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the LBCC Commons, second floor Calapooia Center, 6500 SW Pacific Blvd, Albany.

The fair is for students planning to transfer to a four-year college, with a number of institutions attending including: Concordia University, Corban University, Eastern Oregon University, Grand Canyon University, Linfield College, National University of Natural Medicine, Northwest University, OSAC, Oregon State University, Oregon Tech, Pacific University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, University of Oregon, University of Western States, and Western Oregon University

For more information, contact Amanda Stanley at 541-917-4842. For special needs and accommodations, call 541‑917‑4789 or Oregon Relay TDD at 1‑800‑735‑2900.

Benton Center Acoustic Showcase: Suz Doyle & Friends, Jan. 19, Noon-1 p.m.

Suz Doyle, right, and Jeanne Holmes.
Suz Doyle and Friends will perform at the LBCC Benton Center Acoustic Showcase from Noon to 1 p.m. Friday, January 19, 757 NW Polk Ave., Corvallis.

Suzannah Doyle is a professional composer, performer, on-the-spot songwriter, and chief comedy wrangler for Ringtone Theatre, whose work appears in hundreds of productions worldwide.

Doyle played by invitation at the White House in Washington, D.C., and has appeared live and on over 23 albums in numerous genres. She leads the monthly ukulele cabaret singalongs in Corvallis and was a founding member of the Corvallis-based ukulele trio, The Wallop Sisters.

Suz Doyle and Friends features Doyle and Jeanne Holmes on vocals and ukulele, Karen Johns on vocals and guitar and Niels Nielsen on a gonzo-engineered upright bass.

For more information, contact LBCC Benton Center at 541-757-8944. For special needs and accommodations, contact the LBCC Disability Coordinator at 541‑917‑4789 or via Oregon Relay TDD at 1‑800‑735‑2900 or 1-800-735-1232 at least 72 hours in advance of this event.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fall Term Honor Roll, Congratulations!

The following students at Linn-Benton Community College earned a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for 12 or more graded credits during fall term, September to December 2017. These do not include pass/no pass or incomplete credits.

Janel L. Aiello, Salem H. Al-Khalifa, Nathan D. Alexander, Mohammed A.
Alkhalifa, Melanie M. Allam, Katelyn G. Allen, Kaelee Almy, Jacob T. Alred,
Haley Amero, Tyler J. Ancke, Olivia M. Anderson-Gregg, EvelynJune M. Antons,
Arturo Armas, Jesse Arnold, Samantha Arnold, Makenna N. Ashton, Makayla I.
Atwood, Matthew A. Aulerich, Hannah Aultz, Brigid A. Austin, Samantha K. Axall, Cody J. Baker, Kara L. Baker, Kristen M. Baker, Victoria D. Baker, Alisia M. Ball, Jessica L. Ball, Justin M. Ball, Shelbie L. Ballweber, Megan K. Banks, Juan J. Barba, Jeremiah S. Barrar, Keith M. Barry, Neil D. Bastendorff, Mikaela G. Batchelor, Isaac A. Bates, Lindsey H. Bates, Sierra A. Bayer, Emily Beach, Katelyn S. Beard, Charles W. Beard II, Connor C. Beaubien, Suzanne L. Beck, Kayla A. Becker, Sarah L. Beckley, Devon E. Berney, Logan R. Bertram, Steven Betts, Zachariah L. Bilyeu, Rachael M. Birken, Josiah Bishop, Brady J. Blair, Seth P. Blanc, Jimmy R. Bledsoe, Deja L. Boaz, Darryl W. Bodle, Christian T. Bonson, Colby Borresen, Glenn E. Borst, Emily Bostrom, Franklin L. Bowers, Amanda A. Bowman, Mitchell W. Bowman, Joseph E. Boyd, Matthew N. Boyer, Natalya K. Bradley, Derek Brandt, Everett R. Brandt, Keith W. Bratton, Anna L. Braun, Sean M. Braunberger, Kelsey B. Breshears, Trever J. Brice, Kylene Briggs, Hailey A. Brightbill, Christian J. Bromley, Adam L. Brown, Laura B. Brown, Tacoma Brown, Brittany M. Brownell, Katelyn M. Brownell, Sarinna R. Brueckner, Aaron C. Bruntlett, Gabrielle G. Bryant, Dwayne L. Buchanan, McKayla M. Buchanan, Zachary J. Bullock, Aishia G. Burnett, Jeanne M. Burrows, Karsen E. Burson, Lynzi B. Burt, Shelby N. Buskirk, Brandon C. Calhoun, Adam A. Cameron, Chase G. Campbell, Christian B. Campbell, Jonathan E. Campbell, Julia N. Campbell, Tiffany F. Campbell, Alyssa N. Cannell, Benjamin Capshaw, Samy M. Cardenas, Gavin Carlisle, Leif R. Carlson, Aiyana Carr, Elizabeth M. Carroll,
George J. Carroll, Courtney P. Carter, Calvinn T. Casaday, Chris Cassidy,
Gabriella M. Chedester, Kelly Chen, Gregory Chidsey, Ku Huan Chien, Emily A.
Chilton, Prangnapa Chinpinyokul, Jordan D. Christian, Malachi M. Christman,
Logan M. Claassen, Allison M. Clark, Caleb R. Clevenger, Kathryn Clifford,
Deana L. Clugston, Sarah N. Coakley, Aaron M. Coe, Nes A. Cohen, Natalie M.
Cole, Cecily R. Coleman, Madeline Colores, Ashley N. Comer, Kobe E. Cong,
Joshua R. Congdon, Hana L. Conner, Kaily A. Cook, McKenzie R. Cooke, Emma E.
Coon, Jessica L. Coonfare, Justin L. Cooper, Kayla M. Coronado, Kayla Correia, Hannah E. Costa, Erin Costin, Jessie L. Crawford, Kelley Crider, Elena S. Crone, Nyssa B. Cronin, Macaulay Cruickshank, Hallie A. Cullison, Katelynn K. Curry, Laurel R. Curtis, Adam Dahlke, Kendall L. Dalton, Viktoria Danchenko, Jordyn A. Daniel, Derek P. Dardzinski, Jaime L. Davidson, Cameron Davis, Riley M. Davis, Colin A. Davison, Drew A. Dayton, Karina M. De La Cruz, Amy R. Deatherage, Mitchell G. Decker, Amberleigh D. Delaney, Kelly Demanett, Luke R. Demarco, Isaac Denbo, Garrett DePriest, Samantha Detrick, Karl A. Dettmann, Bailey Devers, Micah R. Dewolfe, Logan Dibetta, Samantha Dishon, Sam A. Dispenza, Jakeb A. Dittmer, Alex M. Dixon, Shalese M. Dixon, Ethan Dobbeck, Katrina E. Doggett, Ethan N. Dooley, Philip D. Dudenhoefer, Katelyn B. Daniella Dull, Carter B. Duncan, Georgia R. Dunn-Hartman, Isaac N. Cecilia A. Durheim, Rita J. Dziedzic, Austin J. Eagan, Christopher Earley, Calleo S. Easter, Shelby Easter, Taylor R. Eckhoff, Daniel W. Edwards, Karen Ehresman, Mikaela M. Ehresman, Andrew L. Eklof, Trey R. Elverfeld, Megan Ely, Travis J. Ely, Abbigail J. Elza, Craig S. Ensey, Caleb R. Erickson, D.
Esch, Jesus U. Escorcia, John W. Essner, Kyle E. Fairweather, Sara Fanger, Dylan J. Farley, Katherine N. Farver, Aliza J. Fegan, Sarah G. Molly K. Fertig, Jeremiah Fine, Kelsey R. Finster, John M. Fonseca, Alicia Forseth, Kurt J. Foster, Elise K. Fournier, Zachary R. Foutch, Brittany Franco,
April A. Frankamp, Christina L. Fredrickson, Jamie M. Freeman, Cory Freitag,
Aaron W. French, Daniel French, Kenedy M. Frey, Richard L. Fries, Glenda R.
Frisk, Michael W. Furrer, Taryn Y. Gabbert, Christopher Gagneaux, Lan L.
Gallagher, Julia D. Garcia, Morgan H. Gardner, Leonardo Garibay Chavez,
Alexander H. Gaub, Michael B. Geno, Ashley L. George, James Gerard, Matthew Gibbs, Cheyenne Gibson, Dannon Gilbert, Kenneth A. Gilham, Jacob R. Gilliam,
Kayla N. Gingerich, Nicholas H. Glantz, Ethan Goldschmidt, Alexa R. Andres Gonzalez, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Kade R. Gonzalez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Yasmeen Gonzalez Mendoza, James P. Gotchall, Brittany Gottsch, Richard A. Gracey, Jordan W. Gray, Daniel D. Green, Sabrina L. Green-Hite, Derek J. Guenther, Anastasia M. Guerrero, Jon C. Gulliford, Holly M. Hahn, Richard A.
Haley, Jacob Halloran, Brady Halsey, Danny C. Halsey, Robert Hancock, Kevin Hand, Lauren Harder, Abigail L. Hardin, Emily Haro, Hayley E. Harr, Drake A. Harrison, Daniel L. Hartman, Cole R. Hartmann, Kelsey Hasenbank, Hauser, Lorelei M. Hayden, Caleb C. Hedin, Sara A. Helfrich, Monica D. Kyle A. Henderson, Sara M. Henderson, Emily M. Henry, Kelsie Henry, Kristen M. Hensley, Charles M. Hernandez, Edgardo R. Hernandez, Kayla J. Herr, Zachary Herron, Truman M. Hess, Matthew R. Hibner, Cerah D. Hill, Raeanna M. Hill, Tucker Hines, Jacob R. Hoke, Johnny Hong, William H. Hood-Douda, Hooley, Clark J. Hooper, Brooke Hopfer, Ninfa M. Horner, Matthew L. Houck, Garrett House, Aaron P. Huber, Cassidy K. Huber, Spencer M. Huckaby, Dakota R. Husk,
Errol K. Hyatt, Audrey N. Hysell, Cinthia A. Ibarra, Jeremy S. Ibarra, Erika
Iizuka, Ferenc Ipacs Szabo, Michelle R. Isabell, Logan R. Israel, Kyana N.
Iwai, Taylor A. Jaburg, Joshua C. James, Alexandra M. Jarrell, Brad A. Larry P. Jennings, Taylor Jensen, Evan A. Jepsen, Lindsey F. Jewell, Hee-Jae
Jin, Ben J. Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Ryan I. Johnson, Chloe Z. Johnston,
Constance M. Jones, Sarah L. Jones, Sarah Jones, Taylor J. Jones, Jesudas M.
Joseph, Matthew W. Joy, Monica Juarez Hurtado, Yulee Jung, Pippa A. Justice,
Bailey A. Kachel, Jordan B. Kalahui, Neal R. Kaminski, Madison M. Kasten,
Robert L. Kessler, Stephanie N. Keyes, Alexandria S. Keys, Kayley R. Kildea,
Trenton L. Kilgore, Brent C. Kincaid, Breanna M. King, Hannah C. King,
Alexandra H. Kirby, Kristi L. Klug, Jacob R. Kneeland, Laurel L. Knippers,
Cameron G. Knittel, Hunter Knox, Kristie Kohashi, Preston S. Krussow, Darren
Kuenzi, Madison S. Kuhn, Kayla M. Kumle, Benjamin T. Kunihiro, Asha N.
Lacossiere, Aubrey T. Lagrimas, Evan LaMonte, Courteney Landis, Joshua R.
Larson, Nikki Q. Launius, Milo R. Lavine, Nathan R. Lawson, Falyn R. Lazarus,
Dominic J. Leal, Brianna C. Leckie, Jacob D. Lee, Alixandria L. Lehnerz,
Melissa M. Lester, Britny E. Lewis, Charles T. Lewis, Kyle A. Lewis, Ally M.
Lillie, Adam A. Lindner, Samuel Littlefield, Caprial H. Long, Krystal Lonien,
Delecia A. Loper, Luis M. Lopez, Marcos Lopez, Melisa Lopez, Osiris M. Lopez,
Ryan Lorenz, Katie E. Losier, Catherine Lu, Natalie L. Lucero, Brenden C.
Luebeck, Samantha M. Lunde, Brandi E. Lundegard, Anthony Lusardi, Megan J.
Macauley, Matthew J. MacDonald, Brady J. Magee, Krystine B. Magorian, Mary
Mahoney, John D. Maine, Danielle M. Malin, Aaron M. Manning, Mariah F. Kirsten N. Marin, Zachary A. Marler, Andrea S. Marsh, Rylan Marshall, Michael
Marthaller, Adam V. Martin, Blade T. Martin, Brent A. Martin, Kayla N. Carmen L. Martinez, Pamela M. Martinez, Jose C. Martinez Contreras, Alex Mauric, Robert May, Jacob Mayes, Hannah M. McAllister, Luke J. McBeth, Connor R. McCarley, Mikayli R. McDermitt, Evan N. McDonald, Jacob C. McGarry, Amie McGill, Kristina M. McGill, Jeremiah R. McGuigan, Dacen L. McInnes, Lucas B. Mckillip, Eric M. Mckinley, Steven McLaws, Eva M. Mcmasters, Cody C. Antonio W. Medina, Lynnette C. Meek, Madison J. Megy, Kiaya C. Melton, Mercedes
E. Mendez, Kelli R. Mendiaz, Donovan R. Mendoza, Ricardo E. Mendoza, Marshal
Mensinger, Mary-Alexandra P. Mercado, Ivy M. Metzgus, Emily F. Meyers, Ronald A. Miles, Adam J. Miller, Berlin K. Miller, Casey J. Miller, Cody T. Miller, Savanna L. Miller, Shailynn H. Miller, Zachery Miller, Jacqueline S. Adrian S. Mollers, Melissa R. Mondou, Camila Monegatte, Alyosha Monson, Gwyneth E. Montgomery, Jeffrey S. Moore, Joseph F. Moore, Waylon R. Moore, Mary R.
Mora, Sarah J. Mora, Madison J. Moreland, Justin J. Morgan, James R. Morris,
Zachery J. Morris, Jazmine D. Morris Edwards, Christopher M. Morsa, Nathaniel
E. Moulder, Patrick B. Mowery, Helena K. Mueller, Nathan J. Mulder, Cameron Mullins, Rebecca E. Munsee, Joseph D. Napier, Tammy C. Nash, Aaron R. Neilly,
Steven V. Neiman, Chad M. Nelson, Zachary T. Nelson, Hannah A. Neuschwander,
Grace Neville, Thien Q. Nguyen, Martin V. Nikolov, Rachel M. Nissen, Ashlynn
Noble, Christina Noe, Brianne A. Noonan, Casey W. Nord, Chris Norris, Gregory
F. Nowak, Nichole M. Noyes, Gabriel J. Nye, Bernie E. O'Flannigan, Ryan L.
O'Shanan, Madeline N. Oakden, William Obi, Collin A. Obrien, Declan M. OHara,
Logan A. Olbrich, Cameron E. Olson, Steven D. Olson, Kevin Olvera, Rebecca R.
Ortega, Jasmin M. Ortiz, Jacob N. Osborne, Karlynne A. Osborne, Bryce D.
Outland, Alexis Paetz, Sekoia D. Paris, Emily L. Parker, Zachary J. Parker,
Toby A. Parrish, Kayla Paul, Mariah F. Paul Bryant, Raquel A. Paz, Marialuisa
Perez, Brandi Perrault, Cade R. Perrizo, Jazmine M. Perry, Trinity G. Perry,
Geoffrey M. Persons, Damon J. Peters, James A. Peterson, Matthew R. Pfeil,
Zacharias W. Phelps, Daniel A. Phillips, Steven M. Phillips, Shelby T. Pick,
Kiel R. Pickard, Taran Pindell, Alexander W. Pinon, Alex Pitts, Marcus C.
Plumley, Elliot M. Pond, Andrew Pool, Grace A. Porter, Brittany N. Poteet,
Shauna M. Potter, Emilie L. Powell, Zach A. Powell, Megan L. Power, Nick M.
Pozzesi, Trevor J. Primm, Brittany N. Rainey, Darlene C. Ramirez, Levi T.
Randall, Tabbatha J. Rapp, Celeste A. Ray, Levi Rayburn, Bruce R. Read Jr,
Sierra M. Rediger, Tessa Reed, Shawn G. Reese, Mellisa M. Reeves, Marilyn
Renteria, Mayra I. Reyes, Nicole E. Reynolds, Caleb B. Rice, Tiffani R.
Richard, Alexander D. Richardson, Erika P. Richardson, Ruth J. Rietman,
Nicholas D. Rietz, Alisha S. Rinehart, Myka K. Ripley, Jared Ritchie, Alonzo Rivier, James A. Roberts, Trevor I. Robinson, Harrison M. Rochelle, Ashlee L.
Rodriguez, Joaquin Rodriguez, Jennika M. Roe, Amerika S. Rojas Alvarez, Risa
Rose, Joel A. Roth, Carey R. Rowan, Christina M. Royce, Sean M. Royce, Johnny
L. Rozo, Giani N. Ruffo, Miguel A. Ruiz, Daisy M. RuizRuiz, Jacqueline
Ruonavaara, Alexis M. Rutter, Jadyn Ruud, Sarah E. Saathoff, Mouang S. Noemi O. Salsa, Edith G. Sanchez, Niamh M. Sanders, Andrew Sanford, Baylee
Santana, Gisell E. Santana, Katharine C. Satak, Elizabeth L. Sather, Jonathan
S. Sattler, Angie M. Saxton, Caitlin M. Scalise, Malia L. Schaefer, Sarah L.
Schaffer, Breannah E. Scheiderman, Nicole E. Schukow, Gregory T. Scott, R. Seus, Tyler S. Seymour, Benjamin M. Shanks, Ian G. Sheffler, Madison E.
Shell, Noah Shelton, Roxanne Shelton, Aurora L. Sherwood, Haedon Shields, F. Shimomura, Jacqueline C. Siegel, Brianna L. Silva, Logan T. Simmons,
Kjersten J. Simon, Jacob S. Simpson, Taylor Simpson, Talon J. Sims, Jared T.
Skaugstad, Savannah Skoviak, Emma L. Slager, Mary E. Sloan, Amy M. Smalley,
Colleen M. Smith, Dakota L. Smith, Haley N. Smith, Morgan M. Smith, Spencer Smith, Wyatt A. Smith, Amy J. Smucker, Paul L. Snead, Drew Snook, Mikala R.
Snyder, Megan K. Soule, Kailey M. Sousa, Ian O. Spaeth, Emma J. Spaulding,
Rachel K. Spencer, Cailee R. Stahl, Emily M. Stahl, Erica W. Steele, Lake K.
Stehle, Brady Stephens, Ruth K. Sterner, Noah D. Steward, Brieanna N. Mark B. Stocker, Bridgett A. Stockwell, Madeleine Strahan, Brittany M. Strauss, Taeler M. Strunk, Hayden Stuckart, Dustin Sturm, Gabriel D. Sudyka, Alison M. Sumerlin, Alexander J. Swayne, Brian S. Swearingin, Michael C. Swetzof, Geoff P. Swoboda, Dale J. Sydnam, JiaBei Tan, Brent D. Taylor, Jackson M. Taylor,
Jamar Taylor, Nancy L. Taylor, Ashleigh K. Telfer, Kamwendo D. Tembo, Joshua R. Tergesen, Mary Teubner, Matthew L. Thilberg, Elijah V. Thomas, Mary F. Matthew A. Thompson, Jeremiah H. Thorsted, Zachary D. Thwaite, Cydnee A. Kimberly A. Toney, Synthia D. Toney, Darian M. Tooker, Alexander J. Traeger, Zane O. Troutt Rideout, Mackenzie R. Truex, Kenneth R. Tsunenaga, Jacob Lexie M. Tuholski, Oliver Tymoshuk, Amelia R. Vaage, Alexandria R. Van Laere,
Rachel E. Van Loo, Katelyn M. Van Velkinburgh, Alisha L. Van Vlack, Katie
Vergara, Jordan B. Vogt, Jamie L. Vorce, Caleb J. Walker, Jeremy A. Walker,
Wesley S. Wartenbee, Briana L. Warth, Steven C. Wavra, Desiree M. Weatherly,
Robert J. Webster, Zane A. Weickum, Benjamin A. Weinberg, Anna M. West, Megan
West, Michael J. West, Sarah E. Weston, Lawrence J. Westrick, Jacob B. Abigail J. Whelan-Bokusky, Shayla D. Whitaker, Emmitt B. White, David R. Whittaker, Casey B. Whitted, Paul Wickliffe, Mark D. Wiebe, Duane F. Crystal M. Wiggins, Courtney T. Williams, Garrett Williams, Keaton Williams,
Scott A. Williams, Alexander J. Wilson, Cassie A. Wilson, Samuel R. Wilson, William J. Wiltse, Devin Winkler, Benjamin J. Winnett, Sabrina Wiser, Zianna Wolfgramm, Lewis A. Wolske, Adam J. Wright, Jenaya C. Wright, Nathan S. Kayla M. Yarbrough, Stephanie M. Yard, Christopher Yeager, Allan J. York, Derek M. York, Christian Yoshida, Zachary R. Zalewski, Justin Zeller, Tyler A.
Zeller, Ayden R. Zimmerman