Lebanon and Sweet Home Centers Business Technology Lab Classes

Upgrade your office skills or learn new ones in computer and business classes offered through the LBCC Business Technology Labs in the Lebanon and Sweet Home Centers.

These five-week, one-credit classes allow you to progress at your own pace and include Windows and Computer Fundamentals, PowerPoint Fundamentals, Excel Fundamentals, and Filing.

In addition, several 11-week, variable-credit classes will be available in Business Math, Word Processing for Business, Word Perfect and Word Processing for Business and MS Word.

These one-credit classes have an in-state tuition rate of $91 per credit. Classes begin April 2.

Students taking lab classes are required to attend the appropriate orientation, which is the first day of class. Plan to attend and to stay for the duration of the class time.

For more information or to register, visit the LBCC online schedule at www.linnbenton.edu or contact the LBCC Lebanon Center at 541-259-5801 or the Sweet Home Center at 541-367-6901.


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