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This year’s Welcome Day was a huge success, with an estimated 500-700 students passing through campus. Student Services reports that 120 students turned in their completed scavenger hunt forms - a 100 percent increase over last year! Students were able to connect with services, clubs, faculty, staff and each other as they made their way around campus, attended Destination Graduation classes, bought their books and found their class rooms for fall term.

The Career and Counseling Center has changed its name to the Advising Center. The center will
Photo, left to right: Rob Camp, Lisa Hoogesteger,
Carrie Randall, Liz Pessaran, and Leela Magdaleno.
continue its great work with students, with a focus on three main services: advising assigned first year AAOT, AGS and undecided majors; career development and exploration including Cooperative Work Experience; and student well-being for all students. In addition, five new advising faculty and staff were hired over the summer. Carrie Randall will serve as the Academic Advising Coordinator, a new position. New advisor Leela Magdaleno will split her time between academic advising, career advising and improvement of career development with partner high schools. New advisor Lisa Hoogesteger will split her time between academic advising, career advising and launching LBCC Student Well-Being initiatives and programs. Liz Pessaran was hired as a part-time Career and Employment Specialist, working primarily at the Benton Center and Lebanon Center. And Rob Camp was hired as an advising assistant for the center.

A new security device called a LockBlok was installed on most classroom and main campus doors over the summer. LockBlok keeps classroom and building doors in lock-ready mode while allowing access in and out. LockBlok can be set to the edge of the door to prevent it from completely closing and locking. In the event of a lockdown on campus, or when you are finished in the classroom, move LockBlok back over toward its bracket to allow the door to fully close, which engages the lock. No need to search for keys to lock the door. Please make sure to double check that the door is closed and locked when you leave.

A dedication party for the new athletics mural on the east side of the Activities Center building
will be held Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The college Art and Aesthetics Team commissioned world-renowned mural artist Rip Cronk to design and paint the larger-than-life mural, which measures 27 feet high by 145 feet wide and took approximately four months to complete. The mural features four LBCC student athletes: Samantha Rouleau, Volleyball; Tyger Liner, Baseball; Kyia Duvall, Women’s Basketball; and Kendrick Abraham, Men's Basketball. President Hamann will speak at Noon. Come out, enjoy some refreshments and meet the artist and featured students athletes!

LB iLearn Online reached two milestones over the summer. They have now served over 100 students, with 72 current students, and they had their first student graduate from a certificate program. So far, the course completion rate is at 86 percent, and iLearn looks forward to continuing that trend. For those interested in taking an iLearn course or program, professional development dollars can be used to defray costs. More details

The Lebanon Center underwent a few minor construction changes over the summer. A new Public Safety Office was constructed, and will be staffed once the new Healthcare Occupations Center is open in the spring of 2017. In addition, some minor improvements took place in the LC-153 lab classroom used by the Certified Medical Assistant program. A large garage door was removed and replaced by a wall, and acoustic tiles were installed to eliminate echo. The CMA program will continue to use LC-153 until they move to the new HOC building, at which time the Veterinary Assistant program will move into LC-153, which, according to Lebanon Center Coordinator Bev Dunigan, is where they started many years ago.

Several LBCC staff members gave up part of their Saturday this summer to participate in the Dirty Dash held in Albany July 16. The dash raises funds to support FeedONE, which benefits local children. Team members included: Michael Dowless, Network Systems Specialist, Shelly Ellingson, Software Systems Specialist, Amanda Kliever, Executive Assistant to the president, Kimberly Kopplien, Instructional Technologist, Vern Smith, Network Administrator and Lena Spencer, Information Services Secretary. Great job gettin' dirty, team!

The Insider published by: LBCC Advancement Office
Writer/Editor: Lori Fluge-Brunker, Communications Specialist
LBCC Advancement Marketing Office


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