LBCC Receives $20k grant for Reverse Transfer Program with OSU

LBCC will receive $20,000 as part of a $450,000 two-year grant program awarded to the state of Oregon.

The “Credit When It’s Due: Recognizing the Value of Quality Associate Degrees” grant is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Helios Education Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation and USA Funds.

LBCC’s portion of the grant will be used to help build its Reverse Transfer Program with Oregon Statue University, part of a new pilot program between Oregon’s public community colleges and universities offering students the option to obtain an associate’s degree after transferring to university.

This past summer, LBCC and OSU took the first steps to implement the program, allowing students who are enrolled in the college’s degree partnership program to be awarded an associate’s degree from LBCC upon completion of equivalent courses at OSU.

LBCC and OSU will track the student’s progress after they transfer, and once the student has met requirements for the LBCC associate degree, they will be awarded the degree by combining their OSU and LBCC class credits.

LBCC President Greg Hamann said the agreement will help students achieve their graduation goals, and enhances the strong ties already in place between the two schools.

“By working together, OSU and LBCC create an opportunity neither of us alone could do,” Hamann said. “So much of our future depends on us working together for the good of our students.”

There are several advantages to receiving your associate degree, said OSU President Ed Ray. “For students who are struggling to afford and/or complete the four-year degree, unexpectedly receiving their associates degree has been shown to be an enormously effective inducement to continue,” said Ray. “In fact, it appears to be the most effective inducement. It also reinforces for all potential transfer students the value, and the possibility, of pursuing and achieving the four-year degree.”

The reverse agreement also benefits LBCC by the college receiving credit for the degree completion, reflecting the investment of time, resources and support the college has provided.


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