LBCC Industrial Skills Contest Winners

Students from 21 Oregon high schools and one trade academy competed in the annual High School Industrial Skills Contest held Thursday, March 7 at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany.

Students competed in contests for drafting and engineering graphics, machine tool milling and turning and several types of welding. Winners were announced at an awards ceremony held at the college following the competition.

High School Industrial Skills Contest 1st - 3rd Place Winners

Drafting & Engineering Graphics – Architecture
1st    Brad Phillips    Roseburg High School   
2nd    Sarah Royce    Roseburg High School
3rd    Jessica Morales     Roseburg High School

Drafting & Engineering Graphics – 2D Mechanical
1st    Brad Bornheimer    Willamina High School   
2nd    Travis Chagnon    South Albany High School   
3rd    Joel Stutzman    South Albany High School   

Drafting & Engineering Graphics – 3D Mechanical
1st    Alexi Renquist    Roseburg High School   
2nd    Joshua James    Roseburg High School
3rd    Teric Sargeant    Thurston High School   

Machine Tool Technology-Milling
1st     Josh Peck    Corvallis High School   
2nd    Derek Jackson    Corvallis High School
3rd    Avery Stauber    Corvallis High School   

Machine Tool Technology-Turning
1st    Derek Jackson    Corvallis High School   
2nd    Josh Peck    Corvallis High School   
3rd    Ryan Smith    Thurston High School       

Welding Technology-Novice Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)   
1st    Andrew Robertson    West Albany High School
2nd    Michael Griffin    Douglas High School   
3rd    Tyler Shaw    Linn County Regional Trades Academy   

Welding Technology-Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)   
1st     Weston Luthi    Silverton High School   
2nd    Devin Smith    Harrisburg High School   
3rd    Geoff Alford    Stayton High School
4th    Kolby O’Neil    Jefferson High School   

Welding Technology-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
1st    EJ Nichol    Sweet Home High School   
2nd    Sasha Strain    Marshfield High School   
3rd    Trevor Glynn    Forest Grove High School
4th    Kyler Dearing    Scio High School   

Welding Technology-Oxy-Acetylene Welding
1st    Daniel Coulombe    Roseburg High School   
2nd    Jesus Andrade    Sweet Home High School
3rd    Ty Neuschwander    Harrisburg High School
4th    Quintin Luthi    Silverton High School   

Welding Technology-Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
1st    Joe Cheshire    Sweet Home High School   
2nd    Sergio Rodriguez    Central High School   
3rd    Jacob Brundridge    Silverton High School
4th    KJ McPherson    Sweet Home High School   

Welding Technology-General Welding Skills
1st    Arlen Stadeli    Silverton High School
2nd    Tristan Leslie    Junction City High School
3rd    Brian Malloy    Sweet Home High School
4th    Neil Cox    Marshfield High School


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