“Scarewaves” radio drama Friday, April 13, 7:30 p.m.

The LBCC Russell Tripp theater presents a special event Friday, April 13 with "Scarewaves," a horror-comedy in the style of classic radio drama.

Recently discovered in the catacombs beneath the LBCC Russell Tripp Theater were two lost, never performed scripts from the little-known, and possibly non-existent, horror writer Meridian Welch: "The Dark Mansion's Curse" and "Captain Steadfast Meets Dr. Draculanus."

Join us for an evening of chills, creaking doors and the bizarre as we listen into the abyss. What do we hear? Our own rapid heartbeats! Footsteps behind us! A squeaking dog toy! More creaking doors!

"Scarewaves" plays Friday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m., LBCC Russell Tripp Theater, Albany. Tickets are $8 general admission, $6 students and seniors. Buy in advance at linnbenton.edu/tickets or at the door one hour before show starts.

Show proceeds benefit the 6th Annual Midsummer Arts Festival held in Albany. For more information, contact the LBCC box office at 541-917-4531 or theater@linnbenton.edu.


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