50 Years in the Making: Livestock Judging Team

2017 Livestock Judging Team, l to r: Auguste Curtis, coach Rick Klampe, Cecily Coleman, Nathan Johnson, Bailey Samper, Madison Morgan, Brooke Hopfer, Shaelee Barnett, Emmitt White, Maddie Griffiths, Mikayla Duchi, Breanna King, Clark Jernstedt, Katie Duggan, Hailee Patterson, Kevin Snyder, Jared Wolf, Chris Ralston, Noa Taipin and coach Clay Weber.
Throughout the college history, LBCC has supported the educational goals of our students by providing learning opportunities outside the classroom, including opportunities to engage in co-curricular programs and student clubs.

One of our earliest co-curricular programs is the LBCC Livestock Judging Team, which was established in 1974. Animal Science faculty member and team coach Rick Klampe competed on the team as a student from 1979 to 1981, winning first-place overall at the 1980 North American International Livestock Exposition.

Klampe starting coaching in 1988, and Agricultural Sciences faculty member Clay Weber joined the team in 2001. 

This past fall, the team had two historic wins: defeating two universities, Fresno State and Chico State, in the Western Fall Classic; and winning two contests in two different states on the same day, at the Big Fresno Fair, and at the Colorado State Ram Classic.

As an integral part LBCC’s programs, the benefits of being part of a team extend beyond the competition. Communication skills, critical thinking and teamwork are essential characteristics that students gain from participating in co-curricular’s and clubs.

Serving as an example, five past Livestock Judging team members have been named LBCC Distinguished Alumni: Kathrin Dunlap, 2009; Lisa Charpilloz Hanson, 2011; Loyal Burns, 2012; Mitch Coleman, 2013; and Brad Gohr, 2015. 

Today, our students can choose from a variety of co-curricular programs and clubs, from livestock judging and equestrian teams to space exploration, ROV, music, horticulture, performing arts, welding and more. 


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