Smaller Classes and Personal Attention Helps Student Focus on What Matters

Health and Human Sciences major Arely Acosta credits LBCC’s smaller classes and more personalized instruction for helping her stay focused on what matters.

After a suspension from her university for low grades, Arely transferred to LBCC with the hope of getting back on track and back to the university. In no time, she was earning straight A’s, and it wasn't long before she decided to stay.

“I found that I needed the more personalized instructor attention that comes with smaller classes,” said Arely. “Really, LBCC would have been the best place for me to start.”

One important thing that Arely learned was how to manage her time to get things done, a skill she didn't have at the university. Staying focused, she discovered, is a big part of time management and college success.

"I’m inspired by the thought of having a better future," said Arely. "LBCC has given me a chance to realize I can do something about it, and that college is a step to a better future. I finished the 24 credits that I needed to transfer back to the university, but decided to stay at LBCC to get more of my second year classes done. I also joined Leadership at LBCC, and will continue taking classes here to participate in that.”



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