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LBCC Healthcare Occupations Center as of March 21.
The new Healthcare Occupations Center in Lebanon is nearing completion. Diagnostic Imaging and Polysomnography will be moving their equipment and furniture into the building in May to be ready to start classes in June. The rest of the programs will move furniture and equipment in over the summer to be ready for classes in fall. Healthcare programs starting fall term include Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Coding and Reimbursement Specialist, Dental Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Phlebotomy. In addition, the Veterinary Assistant program will move from Albany campus to the Lebanon Center starting fall term. Stay tuned for the Grand Opening Celebration for the new HOC in the fall.

Join President Hamann for the President’s Spring Forum on Wednesday, April 19 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Forum Lecture Hall 104. A variety of topics will be covered, from the college budget to Pathways to inclusion and support for students.

The Textbook Affordability Steering Committee recently announced they reached their goal of saving $1 million in textbook costs, well before their target date of fall 2017.  In the fall of 2015, the committee started work to reduce textbook costs for students by developing institutional best practice recommendations through Open Educational Resources, or OER’s.  OER’s provide free access via any medium to educational materials, courses, lectures and textbooks for students as well as instructors. The material resides in public domain and is made available through an open license that allows free use. The committee’s long-term goal is to have an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree with an affordable textbook track by 2020, with all course materials under $40.  

The 8th annual Unity Celebration held March 1 recognized college staff and community members for their work around unity, inclusiveness and promotion of diversity and social justice. The Analee Fuentes Unity Award recognizes faculty, staff, and students who have demonstrated a commitment to bringing awareness to and advancing diversity and social justice at LBCC. This year’s recipients were English faculty member Robin Havenick, Learning Center Writing Center Coordinator Victoria Fridley, and student body President Eric Slyter. The Gary Westford Community Connection Award recognizes an organization which connects with LBCC to help carry out work around diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity. The award was presented to Rodney and Diane Bigner, owners of the Pix Theater, for their continued investment in the community by supporting diversity initiatives, including hosting a free showing of the film “Selma” in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

LBCC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society recognized faculty member and Learning Center coordinator Chareane Wimbley-Gouveia as Honored Faculty at its Induction Ceremony held in February. Chareane was honored for her contributions to learning and support of student learners.

Thirty-three nursing students participated in a vaccination clinic held at OSU this month to help protect students from an outbreak of meningitis. The students worked in groups of 5-7, working three hour shifts over two days. LBCC’s Nursing Program was ranked second in the state by Registered, which used 2016 NCLEX-RN pass rates to rank each program. Most years, LBCC nursing students are at or near 100 percent pass rates.

Information Services manager Michael Quiner shared that roughly half of Information Services and Media Services employees are LBCC graduates, himself included, with 17 employees earning 21 degrees from LBCC. They are, in date order: 
Lorrie Peterson, AA, General, 1978
Catherine Williams, AS, Data Processing, 1983
Lori Rowton, AS, Educational Secretary, 1984
Vern Smith, AS, Computer Programming, 1988
Eric Bryant, AA, Oregon Transfer, 1991
Michael Quiner, AA, Oregon Transfer, 1992
David Smith, AAS, Computer User Support 1998
Alf Price, AS, Engineering Emphasis/Transfer 2001
Shelly Ellingson, AS, Technical Communications Emphasis, 2003
Kimberly Kopplien, AAS, Business Computer Systems,  2004
Leighana Coe, AAS, Network & Systems Administration, 2006, AAS, Web & Database Technology, 2011
Kim Boone, AAS, Network & Systems Administration, 2007
Tyler Lafferty, AS, Computer Science, 2010, AAS, Web & Database Technology, 2012
Drew Corkery, AS, Oregon transfer, 2012
Sheena Schrock, AS, Computer Science, 2012
Marc Haerling, AAS, Network & Systems Administration, 2013, AAS, Web & Database Technology, 2013
Carl Rhodes, AAS, Network & Systems Administration, 2015, AAS, Web & Database Technology, 2015

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Lori Fluge-Brunker


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