Job Preparation Program Expanding

Expanding a partnership between industry and education intended to create a pipeline between high school and local living wage jobs to four additional Linn County school districts is part of a new project being financially supported by businesses, schools and a $440,000 grant from The Ford Family Foundation.

Lebanon, Sweet Home, Scio and Central Linn will join Greater Albany, Corvallis and Philomath as participating Districts.

The expansion also includes the Greater Santiam Boys and Girls Club, which serves youth in Sweet Home and Lebanon.

The purpose of this joint effort is to provide a clearer pathway to family wage jobs in the region so that young people can remain in and contribute to the economic and social vitality of their communities.

The Pipeline program, which is sponsored by local industry and education in Linn and Benton counties, and coordinated through the Albany Chamber of Commerce, began in 2014 as a way to create better connections with young people and the high wage jobs available in the two counties.

More information about the Pipeline program is available at

In addition to grant funds, businesses and schools contribute resources. Three other initiatives are part of the new project, including:

Creation of a “Common Technical Manufacturing Core” program at Linn-Benton Community college, a 10-week program that prepares students for successful employment in Pipeline participating companies.

Development of learning communities for school district faculty that will help teachers and students reinforce employment skills and expectations learned through Pipeline experience in various grade levels at all districts.

Support for the Boys and Girls Club Training Teens for Tomorrow program, an after-school learning program to enhance employment skills and career development.

Goals include raising high school completion rates in all participating districts to the state average, increased enrollment from the schools in health care and manufacturing fields, and completion and placement rates for students from the program that are equal to or higher than the average for all LBCC students.


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