Calling Cyclists to Join LBCC Bike Challenge Team

Calling all LBCC student and staff bicyclists (or those who have always wanted to try cycling): Join the LBCC National Bike Challenge cycling team, and log your miles for LB!

Let's see how many miles we can accumulate on bicycles for the month of May and beyond. Sign-up at

Have you thought - "Hey, it sure would be great to ride to LBCC on my bike but I really can't get motivated." Here's your motivation. The challenge officially starts in May, but several of us already commuting and you can too!

Sure - it's not as comfy as your gas guzzler but here's why it makes sense and is fun to do:
  • Saves gas - Cuts down on greenhouse gasses and wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Gets you in shape - Excercising on the way to school or work pumps-up your mental focus
  • Tracking your miles keeps you motivated - It's super easy 
  • You can win stuff - Become eligible for prizes at the bronze level, really easy to reach
Details at

To participate:

1. Sign up with the National Bike Challenge site to track your mileage.

2. Find LBCC's cycling group under Schools as part of the sign up process. Or, after you are signed up and logged in, go to My Profile and scroll down to Your Groups on the left side. Search under School for Linn-Benton Community College.

3. Have a smart phone? You can connect several fitness tracking apps to the Bike Challenge site; Endomondo, MapMyRide, or Moves.

4. Start logging your ride mileage automatically with the above apps or manually via the National Bike Challenge web site.

What about the weather? With proper clothing, you can ride any time of the year. Wind and rain are not much fun - but much of the time the weather is pretty mild around here.

You don't need really high-end cycle gear to ride, but you may want to get high visibility clothing, such as bright yellow jacket to help you be visible to cars. You can add pieces that make riding in weather much nicer - like water proof gloves, shoe covers and pants.

For all-weather cycling, following are some recommendations. Yes, it's a bit expensive initially, but you will thank yourself for spending the money down the road when you arrive dry and warm.

If you can only get one item, make it a good bike light set. If you can get two items, a good hi-viz jacket should be your second purchase.

1. A good waterproof or water resistant cycling jacket and (optionally) pants. $80 -$150 - or more
2. Wind stop gloves $20 - $45
3. Good helmet - $40-$60
4. Bike light set (both a flashing or continuous front white LED light and rear flashing red LED light) $35 - or more
5. Water proof shoe covers - $45-$60

Hope to see you join the Linn-Benton CC Team on the National Bike Challenge site.
Tailwinds to you!


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