LBCC Fitness and Dance Classes

A variety of fitness and dance classes will be held this spring through LBCC Albany Community Education.

Classes offered include Better Bones & Balance; Tai Chi Chuan; Early Morning Fitness; Cardio Dance Workout; Pilates Combo; Zumba Step; Irish Folk Dance; Cowboy Dance for Couples; and Social Ballroom Dance.

Classes will start the week of March 31 throughout the Albany area. For a complete description and start dates, see the online schedule at or call LBCC Albany Community Education at 541-917-4840.


  1. Dance is good for anyone and everyone. If you are clumsy, you will learn to be more graceful. If you need exercise, stretching, balance, anything, dance of any kind will help. It’s coordination and mind/body connecting. Dance studios and dance classes all over PA are great places to do fun things with kids or just adults.

    Dance Classes in Philadelphia


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