Community Education Fall Computer & Photography Classes

LBCC Albany Community Education has a variety of computer and photography classes to enhance your skills starting the week of September 28 at the LBCC Albany campus.


EXCEL – INTRO TO SPREADSHEETS: Excel spreadsheets are the best way to organize and analyze numeric and text-based data. Topics include working with templates and how to enter and format data and text using basic formulas, functions, charts, graphics, photos and hyperlinks. Each class consists of interactive lectures, demos, and hands-on practice. Recommended: Introductory computer class or equivalent experience. This four-week class meets Tuesday from 6:30-7:50 p.m. starting Oct. 6. Cost is $59.

BUYING AND SELLING ONLINE: Are you interested in starting an online business or are you ready to sell those unwanted items collecting dust? Learn how to effectively use Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. Explore shopping options and popular marketplace services while learning to create ads to attract buyers and other strategies to get results and protect you as both buyer and seller. Basic computer needed. This three-week class meets Mondays from 6-7:50 p.m. starting Oct. 12. Cost is $59. 
PERSONAL COMPUTERS ESSENTIALS: For those who have never touched a computer before and want hands-on, step-by-step instruction. Designed to go at an easy pace. Includes identifying the various parts of the computer, how to turn it on and off and use the mouse and keyboard. Also introduces working with Windows, and a brief intro to email and the Internet. This four-week class meets Mondays from 6-7:50 p.m. starting Sept. 28. Cost is $69.

MAC ESSENTIALS I: Get the most from your Mac. Understand the essential elements of its operating system, discover the basic layout of OS X, and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating your computer, as well as the basics of word processing and printing. Detailed handouts supplement media presentations. Intended for new Mac users, laptops are welcome but not essential. This three-week class meets Thursdays from 6:30-8:20 p.m. starting Oct. 1. Cost is $59.

APPLE IPHONE I: Get to know your iPhone's basic functions and useful features. Explore the touch screen interface, type with the intelligent keyboard, setup your email account, and confidently manage your preferences in the setting menu. Take advantage of standard iPhone tools (camera, maps, notes, and music) and download new apps from the App Store. Class meet Tuesdays from 6-7:50 p.m. starting Sept. 29. Cost is $59.


WORD Level I, II, III, EXCEL Level I, II, III, POWERPOINTt, COMPTIA Security and more are available online starting September 28.

ONLINE ADVERTISING: Get the keys to making online advertising work for you and your organization.  See how pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords works. Find out how to test low budget Adword campaigns. Learn how you can target local audiences. Then discover Facebook advertising and how you can determine the demographics and even numbers of people you want to reach. No experience necessary, but if you are at an advanced level, your instructor can answer your toughest questions as well. Online class held over four weeks. Cost is $195. Register online at:

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Aimed at non-technical users, this class takes you through all the key techniques and how to use website analytics using the world-standard Google Analytics, a free online tool. Understand your visitor traffic better, learn how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for your online advertising, and find out how to get more conversions and sales from your website visitors. A must for anyone serious about leveraging more success from their website. Held online over four weeks. Cost is $195. Register online at:


ENHANCE YOUR DIGITAL SLR SKILLS: Have fun creatively using your digital SLR. Maximize your camera's features beyond full auto setting to get the affects you desire. Get feedback as you learn the basics, and practice controlling exposure, stopping action, portraiture, landscape, and HDR (High Dynamic Range), using depth of field to your advantage. Work with Photoshop Elements for photo editing and enhancement. Bring your camera and manual, your favorite lenses, fully charged battery, transfer cable and media card to class. Class meets Wednesdays from 6-8:20 p.m. starting Oct. 7. Cost is $79.

For more information, see the LBCC online schedule at, or contact LBCC Albany Community Education at 541-917-4840 or by email at


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