LBCC Benton Center Computer Classes

A variety of computer and photography classes will be offered to members of the community through Linn-Benton Community Education starting January 5.  

Classes application classes include: Computers and Photography: Personal Computer Essentials, Information Technology Training (online), Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, Mac Essentials, Social Media for Business, Photoshop Elements, Photographing People, and Your Digital SLR Camera.

Information Technology Training program is a series of online IT training classes aimed at launching a potentially lucrative, high demand career as a certified computer technician, network technician, or systems/network security analyst. Classes can be started and completed at any time throughout the term.

Personal Computer Essentials is perfect for those who have never touched a computer before and want hands-on, step-by-step instruction. Designed to go at an easy pace. Includes identifying the various parts of the computer, how to turn it on and off and use the mouse and keyboard. Also introduces working with Windows 7, and a brief intro to email and the Internet.             

Window 8 will help you understand and navigate this new operating system. Practice using Windows 8 Apps and Shortcuts and Metro Style Interface.

Android Phones and Tablets will help you learn the device's core functions and settings, find fun apps using the Google Play store, sync your device with your Google account, and explore how to connect your home computer to upload and share pictures and videos.                                                                   

Apple iPhone will help you to get to know your iPhone's basic functions and useful features. Explore the touchscreen interface, type with the intelligent keyboard, setup your email account, and confidently manage your preferences in the settings menu. Suitable for iPhone beginners, using any generation of iPhone device.                                                                                                  

Apple iPad goes beyond the iPad's basic features to meet your needs for work or home. Confidently search for and download Apps, and enjoy Internet surfing, emailing, editing and sharing photos, as well as exploring iTunes' special role on the iPad. For new and current users.                                                        

Mac Essentials helps new Mac users who want to understand the Mac OS X operating system basic applications, and for current users who wish to further develop their skills. Covered applications include iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Text Edit, Preview, Safari, Mail and others. Detailed handouts supplement media presentations. Each session includes time for questions.

Social Media for Business provides an overview of how to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online tools. Build a strategy that saves time, expand your reach to the "best customers" and learn the do's and don'ts of business etiquette online. Discussions will be lively using real examples. 

Photographing People focuses on the art of taking outstanding photographs of people whether informal, candid or formal and posed portraits.  Plan your photo shoot, find appropriate locations, make people comfortable, pose individuals and groups, edit/enhance your photos, share and present your results.  Explore the appropriate equipment to use and how to creatively use natural light and artificial lighting setups.                          
Your Digital SLR Camera enables you to use your brand new or older digital SLR camera more effectively and creatively. Maximize your camera's features beyond full auto to get the effects you desire. Practice using the f-stop for depth of field, stopping the action of fast moving events and make it look like a pro took every picture

Photoshop Elements II builds on the basics, to learn more advanced techniques such as batch processing, portrait touch-up and restoration, adding special effects, create a stunning panorama from several photos, and make a slide show to share with others.                                                                                                                   

For more information such as class times, start dates, and fees or to register, see the LBCC online schedule at, call the LBCC Benton Center at 541-757-8944 or email cor


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