Choir Update, Day 2

It is just after 12 a.m. here in Riga on the July 18 (we are 10 hours ahead) and just finished checking that everyone is in for the night.

We are all fine and doing extremely well. We completed our third and final competition set this afternoon and it was absolutely amazing. We are quite a distance away from everything else going on in Ukraine and things are absolutely calm and we are doing well.

Being with such wonderful people and students here all brought together in song has been such a wonderful experience for all of us. We find out our first results tomorrow evening after a friendship concert and coaching session.

We have competed with choirs from all over the world here, over 70 countries to be exact. We are all staying safe and being proactive about safety.  This evening was our only free evening this entire time and all are doing well!

We are also posting on facebook daily so you can also check my facebook as well and there are even some recordings from today's competitions.

We will keep everyone posted as we learn our results of the competition over the next two days!

James Reddan


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