Choir Update, Part 2, Day 1

What an amazing day! As long a day as it has been, it has been truly magical.

We were up at 7:30am to eat, then a rehearsal for the Chamber Choir plus an Acoustic Rehearsal at Riga St. John's Church (over 900 years old), then over to the Great Guild for the Acoustic Rehearsal for the Concert Choir. Lunch, change clothes, then meet and competitions began!

Watching these singers' faces glow and sparkle as they make some of the most beautiful music is absolutely amazing!

I am so proud of our LBCC students in both the Re-Choired Element Chamber Choir and Concert Choir who competed in the Musica Sacra A cappella and Musica Contemporanea categories at the 8th World Choir Games here in Riga, Latvia today!

It is such an honor to work with these amazing students each and every day. Both performances moved me to tears as I was conducting these wonderful musicians! Now it is time for some rest and on to the Mixed Chamber Choir competition tomorrow!

James Reddan, LBCC director of Choral Activities


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