LBCC Partners with English Language Cultural Institute

The English Language Cultural Institute is partnering with Linn-Benton Community College to bring international students to the Albany campus.

ELCI’s English as a second language program prepares international students for college-level academic work. The institute, headquartered in Monmouth, recruits students from around the globe to participate.

ELCI purchased a modular building with five classrooms, which is scheduled to be installed on campus in February. LBCC and ELCI will jointly pay the cost to bring in the building utilities.

As part of a 10-year contract, ELCI will pay the college $50 per student for each four-week session, and $300 per month rental fee to house the program on campus, said LBCC Vice President of Finance and Operation Jim Huckestein. The fees will help LBCC recoup its initial investment to bring the program in, added Huckestein.

Roger Shinkle, director of ELCI, chose to locate on the LBCC campus for several reasons. “As an international learning institute, on-campus support services are key to our students,” said Shinkle. “LBCC’s Learning Center is a great example of the kind of student support we are looking for. LBCC also offers excellent transfer opportunities for our students when they are finished.”

Shinkle expects the institute to open March 1, with 30 to 40 students attending classes. He has seen a lot of interest from students in Korea, China, Japan and Thailand, and feels these students will bring diverse viewpoints and culture to the LBCC campus.

“One benefit to LBCC of having the institute on campus is it will help develop the college’s international student program,” said Bruce Clemetsen, acting vice president of LBCC Student Services.

International students currently make up approximately one percent of the total student population at the college. LBCC would like to see that number grow to three percent or more.

As students in the ELCI program reach a proficient level of English and pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, they will then qualify to enroll in classes at LBCC.


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