Construction Projects Get Time Lapse Cameras

Steel framing work on HOC building in Lebanon.
Time-lapse cameras have been installed at both the Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) and the new Health Occupations Center (HOC) construction sites, providing a daily view of the construction which is compressed into a brief video. Go to the building projects site, click on either the ATTC link or the HOC link. The site also includes the latest updates on all LBCC bond and seismic grant projects.

The ATTC project includes a new building for the Heavy Equipment Diesel program and the creation of an Innovation Center to provide space for worker and industry training. Expected completion date is end of summer 2016.

The new 42,000-square-foot HOC building is located adjacent to COMP-NW Medical School in Lebanon, on the Samaritan hospital site. The new building help bring together LBCC’s medical programs to a single location.  The programs are currently held in Albany and Lebanon. Expected completion date is spring of 2017.


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