Physical Science Department Receives Donation of Vernier LabQuest Tools

Linn-Benton Community College's Physical Science Department received a donation of two Vernier Software and Technology LabQuest measuring tools for use in its new physical science project room in Madrone Hall.

The LabQuests were donated by second-year LBCC computer science physics student and Corvallis resident Nathan Murrow and LBCC physical science faculty member Greg Mulder, who won them through a competition on Facebook held by Vernier Software and Technology.

The company awarded their 500th Facebook fan, Murrow, and the fan’s referrer, Mulder, the LabQuest Quick Start Package as part of the social media competition.

The LabQuests will be part of the scientific equipment inventory kept in the project room for student use only. Acting a little bit like a "tricorder" from Star Trek, the LabQuests allow students to take measurements of anything from light to sound, magnetism to radioactivity, force, motion and much more, said Mulder.

"The project room space was designed to give students a place to work on scientific projects of their own design and construction," said Mulder. "The Vernier LabQuest acts as a "lab-on-the-go" and makes for a perfect addition to the student project room, allowing students access to dozens of measurement tools in one small, easy-to-use package."

Murrow is also a member of the LBCC "Remotely Operated Vehicle" (ROV) team. As an example of the usefulness of the LabQuests, Murrow noted that, "The day we got the LabQuests we immediately used them to measure the temperature of our underwater ROV's environment and water flow rate from a damaged pipe."


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