LBCC and OSU Master Gardeners Free Gardening in the Pacific NW Series

A free eight-week "Gardening in the Pacific Northwest” lunch time series will be held at the Albany Public Library on Wednesdays from Noon to 1 p.m. beginning Jan. 11 and at the LBCC Lebanon Center, 44 Industrial Way, on Thursdays from Noon to 1 p.m. beginning Jan. 12.

The series is presented by OSU Certified Master Gardeners. Topics will include "Multiplying Plants for Free with Divisions & Seeds" with Brenda Winslow on Jan. 11 in Albany and Jan. 12 in Lebanon; "All about Herbs!" with Carol Small on Jan. 18 in Albany and Jan. 19 in Lebanon; "Tough, Water-Wise Plants that Thrive in the Shade" with Kathy Clark on Jan. 25 in Albany and Jan. 26 in Lebanon; "Change Up Your Landscape with a Pond" with Joel Shonnard on Feb. 1 in Albany and Feb. 2 in Lebanon; "Gardening 101" with Steve Naberhuis on Feb. 8 in Albany and Feb. 9 in Lebanon; "Xeriscaping: Conserving Water Through Creative Landscaping" with Paul Westerberg on Feb. 15 in Albany and Feb. 16 in Lebanon; "Things to do This Winter to Reduce Pest & Disease Problems in your Garden" with Richard Little on Feb. 22 in Albany and Feb. 23 in Lebanon; and "The Dirt on Composting" with Michael Resseguie on Feb. 29 in Albany and March 1 in Lebanon.

For more information, contact the Lebanon Center at 541-259-5801 or LBCC Albany Community Education at 541-917-4840.


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