LBCC to Provide Training for the Oregon Green Technology Certificate

LBCC is one of 10 Oregon community colleges that will provide training for the Oregon Green Technology Certificate offered through the Oregon Consortium and Oregon Workforce Alliance.

The Oregon Green Technology Certificate is designed to prepare entry-level workers with the foundational skills needed in a variety of industries that are associated with or support green jobs.

Individuals who complete the one-year Green Tech Certificate will learn to be multi-skilled system thinkers and problem solvers. Students will be prepared for a broad array of green occupations across a variety of industries including green energy production; manufacturing, construction, installation, monitoring and repair of equipment for solar, wind, wave and bio-energy; building retro-fitting; process recycling; hazardous materials removal work and others.

Through a combination of on-line instruction, hands-on labs, and, in some areas, fieldwork, students in the program will earn 36-45 credits–depending on the general education and elective courses offered at each college.

The Green Tech Certificate program is a free, federally funded program. Currently no tuition is charged for this course of study. The program is not yet eligible for federal financial aid, so students will need some form of outside financial assistance to cover living expenses.

This certificate is designed to meet the unique needs of rural Oregon, where companies tend to be smaller, many occupations may have only one or two local job openings, and employers need workers who have basic technical skills that can transfer to different kinds of work and work settings as employer requirements and labor market demands shift.

For more information on how you can earn the Oregon Green Technology Certificate at LBCC, contact Sharee Cooper at the Community Services Consortium at 541-758-2633 or visit online at


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