LBCC Staff News, Nov. 20

New Series: Campus Safety An ongoing series addressing campus safety communications. This first installment addresses the importance of speaking up.  

Hear something, see something, say something. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We all serve as the eyes and ears of our community. If you see or hear something that doesn’t seem right, no matter how small it may seem, one of the most important things you can do is speak up. Letting the right people know when you have a concern is key in helping to head-off potential problems or threats. Here's a couple of ways for you to connect to the right people: Add the phone number of the safety officer on duty to your contact list: 541-926-6855 (answered any time, day or night). If you have a smart phone, download the LBCC public safety app for quick access to the officer on duty at You can also file a report online at

Next installment: Brush-up on what to do: How to access emergency plans and protocols

Where’s LBCC advertising these days? On occasion, faculty and staff ask why we don’t advertise more, and often they are surprised to find out we have a significant ongoing presence. Marketing does some broad-spectrum advertising, which includes the cover of our class schedule, and is seen four times a year by at least one person in almost 90,000 households in our service district. We also use billboards to promote image and awareness of LBCC, some will start soon and run through the end of the year. Research shows that radio - both internet and broadcast – remain at the core of media preferences for both “traditionals” (16-24) and “non-traditionals” (24-35) interested in higher education. In addition to an ongoing campaign for the Foundation’s planned giving program, we currently have both broadcast and internet campaigns active. The college’s award-winning “Inspired” spot is running on KGAL, KSHO and KRKT, and we run on Pandora internet radio, where geo-demographic targeting is possible. If you live in Linn or Benton County, are between the ages of 16 and 24, and listen to Pandora, you’ll hear the spot. In addition to targeting, we can measure the effectiveness of these ads by looking at the click through rate to our web site. Our Pandora ads have had a click-through rate 50 percent higher than average – which is more than any other online advertising we’ve used, even social media ads. We also sponsor sports radio broadcasts for local high schools, a great way to reach parents. And, we still use traditional print ads. Our Foundation planned giving ads are a good fit for newspaper reading audiences, and are currently running, and we use newspaper to advertise theater and choir events, and occasionally use some of the front page advertising opportunities available from the Democrat-Herald and Gazette Times. Other print you may never see are various directories at OSU, our local chambers, and high school sports calendars, which we do on an ongoing basis. We also have year-round advertising on monitors in OSU's Dixon Hall, with a focus on Degree Partnership Program, and on monitors at Timberhill Athletic Club, in movie theaters in Corvallis and Albany, and with a kiosk advertisement at the Heritage Mall. Our goal is to connect with prospective students by encouraging them to go to the web site, where they can sign up for InsideLBCC. This lets us engage and communicate with them over time about things that they are interested in, as well as to help them make decisions and eliminate barriers to their success before they arrive here.

Inside LBCC "hotnote" ad

"Your Town" Publication ad

2016 winter term schedule of classes cover


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