LBCC Hosts Parenting Educators for Training in Attentive Parenting

Parenting educators from nine agencies that serve families in Linn and Benton Counties attended a two-day training for the newly released Attentive Parenting curriculum, part of the Incredible Years® training initiative.

Taught by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, the developer of The Incredible Years, this was the first training in the United States for Attentive Parenting.

Educators who attended the training will be rolling out the Parenting Success Network’s new school readiness initiative, “Ready Together.” The six-session Attentive Parenting program will be taught to parents through schools and other community organizations, with a goal to reach out to families in many settings so all children arrive at school ready to learn.

The curriculum teaches parents how to build their child’s academic and social skills to prepare them to succeed in school. Parents learn to coach children in reading readiness skills and strategies to manage their emotions, persist at a task, solve problems and get along with others.

Research shows that the abilities to listen and pay attention, remember instructions, persist at a task and have self-control are most important in ensuring success in school. Attentive Parenting is the newest addition to The Incredible Years training series, a set of highly regarded research-based comprehensive curricula for parents, teachers and children.

The Parenting Success Network is a coalition of organizations working to improve and expand parenting education in Linn and Benton Counties and encourage all families to use opportunities to improve their parenting skills.

The collaborative work of the project is facilitated by Linn-Benton Community College’s Parenting Education Department and supported by a multi-year grant from Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative. Training was made possible by the grant funding.

For more information, contact LBCC Parenting Education at 541-917-4897.


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