LBCC Bookstore Shopping Spree!

Two LBCC students, Megan Maynard, a 23-year-old nursing student, and Tara Earp, early education major, were the winners of a 60-second shopping spree. The objective? To grab as much as you could from the bookstore in one minute. The bookstore’s entire inventory, excluding text books and electronics, was up for grabs. Tara turned 25 the day of the shopping spree. Her plan was to grab recreational books and stuff for her three-year-old. Megan had plans to hit the nursing items and clothing. Their items were on different sides of the store. . .and a twist revealed at the last minute meant the two had to work together to get the goods!

Check out the twist and see the ensuing challenge, courtesy of the LBCC Bookstore!


  1. I think I would have felt kind of cheated if I were one of the winners of a supposed 60-second spree and then found out I had to share the prize. Boo!


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